Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Coorg Heofon – About Project

Welcome to Coorg Heofon, in the quietness and freshness of this popular Coorg resort you will find modern facilities with polite services and a feeling of being welcome.

It is possibly one of the best resorts in India today, offering facilities such as…Restaurant, Children’s park, Conference hall, Coorg Heritage Centre, Spa, Recreation area, Swimming Pool, Outdoor & Indoor Games, rooms and comforts & etc., like you have never experienced before. It is the essence of beauty, serenity and overseas attraction. We provide a refreshing nature for friends, couples, family, or corporate members, Coorg Heofon dedicated to providing exclusive and service-oriented nature to our guests, which never gives you a chance to look back.

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Coorg Heofon is developed over Coorg's cherry-picked 15 acre farmland with vast expanses of Coffee, Oranges, Cardamom, Pepper and many other cash crops. The complete resort exists as an aggregation of  twenty-five fully-furnished individual 2 BHK Cottages, built over the entire spacing. Each cottage has a dedicated half-acre coffee plantation along with the conversion built area.And you can avail all the world-class amenities and entertainment inside the Resort -Restaurant, Children’s park, Conference hall , Coorg Heritage Centre, Spa, Recreation area, Swimming Pool, Indoor Games etc...

Start a new life fully-immersed at the ways of natures, while remaining fully integrated with the modern technology. Whether to take your life closer to nature or an investment with rich-returns, the Coorg Heofon provides you a premier choice.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Real Estate Bill and it Benefits the Home Buyers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government on Tuesday approved changes to a Bill that seeks to regulate the country's property MARKET, notorious for black money and delayed possessions. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013 is aimed to protect the interest of consumers from errant developers and ensure timely execution of projects.
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Here are 10 ways how the Bill will help property buyers:

1) Each state will get a real estate regulator; all housing and commercial projects will have to be compulsorily registered with the regulator so that buyers can have access to genuine projects. The real estate regulator will settle disputes and impose compensation.

2) Promoters will have to disclose layout plans and submit clearances for the project with the regulator. They will also have to name the contractor, architect, structural engineer, etc. associated with the project. This will ensure transparency about property projects.

3) To ensure projects are completed on time, promoters will have to deposit 50 per cent of the amounts realized from buyers in a separate bank account within 15 days.

4) Developers will need the consent of two-third buyers to alter plans, structural designs and specifications of the building.

5) Developers will have the responsibility to rectify structural defects and refund money in cases of default.

6) Brokers, who intend to sell flats and plots in a project, will also have to get registered with the real estate regulator. They will be punished for non-compliance.

7) Buyers can claim refund with interest and compensation if promoters fail to deliver projects in time.

8) If rules are violated, projects will be de-registered and penalties will be imposed on the developer.

9) Builders often demand part payment in cash, making many ordinary buyers party to corruption. The Bill will help curb undeclared "black money" in property markets that costs the government billions of rupees in lost taxable income.

10) To seek redressal of grievances such as delayed possession of flats or sudden alteration in building plans, home buyers can approach consumer courts.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Building Sustainable Habitats

The two-day sixth GRIHA Summit saw leading professionals from the government, academia, civil society organisations, builders, architects and engineers discussing breakthroughs in the urban and rural habitats. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) is the national rating system for green buildings in India. Delivering the inaugural address, Dr Rajeev Gowda, member of Parliament in the RajyaSabha, said, “While negotiating with other countries on environment and climate change issues, we emphasise that India is a low-carbon impact society. However, things are changing and adversely. But we can still pre-empt this kind of future. We can distill the knowledge of our ancestors, build a bridge between the ancient wisdom and our cutting edge technology.”

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Amit Kumar, adjunct professor, TERI University and Vice president, GRIHA Council voiced his concerns on the need to introduce certain changes in the construction sector. Sharing the latest achievements of GRIHA he commented that “… we have over 21 million square metres that have been registered for GRIHA certification.”

So far 575 projects have been registered, and it is expected that more than 150 projects will be added this year. DrLeenaSrivastava, acting director-general, TERI, stressed on the rapidly changing environment and the need to involve all stakeholders. “Climate, as we know it, is changing. While we want people to occupy green buildings, and there are more energy service companies stepping in with services required to facilitate this, it is important that the end-users are empowered to make informed decisions and understand that the economics work in their favour. The need for concerted action on enhancing energy efficiency is much higher today, both for global and domestic reasons,” she said.